More Weird Stuff Dmitry Likes: Plungers, Beer, Imitation Screaming, MORE!

Anyone who’s spent any time around autism children and adults knows that they develop fascinations with strange or mundane objects, concepts or activities. Dmitry is no exception. Here are more of Dmitry’s bizarre fixations that I have observed over the last few months.

First installment:

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Stuff Dmitry Likes

Autistic children tend to develop deep, narrow, often-unusual interests. Dmitry breaks several autism stereotypes and tendencies, but this one he grasps firmly and holds high in his strong little hands for all to see.

  • Musical toys. If it has buttons to push with lots of flashes, so much the better.
  • Spinnies of any kind. If he’s bored enough he’ll even spin a pencil on the floor. Windmills, toy car wheels, his sit-and-spin activity toy, toy fans, real fans, actual vehicle wheels (even if he can’t make them spin) and so on. If there is a spinnie in your house, he WILL find it and he WILL spin it. Continue reading