More Weird Stuff Dmitry Likes: Plungers, Beer, Imitation Screaming, MORE!

Anyone who’s spent any time around autism children and adults knows that they develop fascinations with strange or mundane objects, concepts or activities. Dmitry is no exception. Here are more of Dmitry’s bizarre fixations that I have observed over the last few months.

First installment:

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The Guilt I Feel When Reading Other Autism Parent Blogs

I’ve made a deliberate attempt to keep this blog light, because I have so many reasons to laugh at what my weird kid does that I just want you to laugh too.

Dmitry’s delays have profoundly affected us as a family and made planning for the future difficult-to-impossible. This is to be expected with any child likely to be “low-functioning” his entire life. But I still occasionally feel a bit guilty, like I’m not getting the “full package” that autism seems to bring into many other parents’ lives. Continue reading