More Weird Stuff Dmitry Likes: Plungers, Beer, Imitation Screaming, MORE!

Anyone who’s spent any time around autism children and adults knows that they develop fascinations with strange or mundane objects, concepts or activities. Dmitry is no exception. Here are more of Dmitry’s bizarre fixations that I have observed over the last few months.

First installment:

Snowglobes: Around Christmastime, we had a little snowglobe that played a song from Phantom of the Opera. The combination of the swirling “snowflakes” with the tinny, music-box chiming seemed to enthrall him. Unfortunately, he broke it a few days later.

Mouthcovering: this one is weird. I don’t really understand it, but Dmitry loves to take my hand and cover his mouth and nose. It might have been the few times much younger that I covered his mouth while he was screaming in church or while we were watching a movie or something? Regardless, apparently he likes the feeling and puts my hand over his mouth all the time! Also, it isn’t “correct” mouthcovering unless it also blocks his nose and makes it difficult to breathe. *shrug* your guess is as good as mine. Chalk it up to hyposensitivity?

Beer: yeah. If I am not careful with a beer, he will grab the bottle and abscond to the backyard, cackling and chugging it until I chase him down. Even IPAs and other very bitter beers. He has developed an alarming taste for beer! I swear! It’s not bad parenting! He is sneaky. He is crafty. He knows when I am distracted! And his reach, like Sauron’s, has grown long of late.

Plungers. His eyes lit up when I brought him a cheap plunger from the dollar store. I had to hold onto it a little though, instead of giving it right to him. That way he better perceives its value. Far better that he chews on a new plunger than the one he’ll grab if we are careless enough to leave the bathroom door unlocked. Yeah…

Coffee? My regular readers know this one, as he’s gotten into the coffee beans and gleefully gobbled them down to caffeine insanity, much to his parents’ dismay. I suppose it has something to do with his hyposensitivity, but he seems to like bitter tastes like coffee and hoppy beers. Unlike the coffee’s clear effects on him, I’ve never seen any signs of inebriation from his beer-chugging. Maybe I’ve just gotten to him in time!

The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA game: Dmitry leans into you, gets a huge grin on his face, and screams AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA until you scream it with him too! Then he giggles and does it again. Despite its infantile nature, this is actually a big step for him since it displays imitation and desire to be imitated: hard to come by when you’re raising an autistic like Dmitry. Just this morning, we developed a much more church-appropriate, store-appropriate, school appropriate variant: the mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm game.


2 thoughts on “More Weird Stuff Dmitry Likes: Plungers, Beer, Imitation Screaming, MORE!

  1. I love your stories about Dmitry! He sounds like a really fun kid to have around! Very spirited! :D

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