More Weird Stuff Dmitry Likes: Plungers, Beer, Imitation Screaming, MORE!

Anyone who’s spent any time around autism children and adults knows that they develop fascinations with strange or mundane objects, concepts or activities. Dmitry is no exception. Here are more of Dmitry’s bizarre fixations that I have observed over the last few months.

First installment:

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Dmitry loves his older brother.

It’s stomach sickness time in Dmitry’s household again. But as my regular readers know, Dmitry has a stomach carved of granite and usually makes it through just fine.

Not so, his big brother.

After a day of feeling awful, throwing up, stuck on the toilet and draining fluids from both ends, Nikolai had just about had enough. He could keep down some ice chips, nothing else. 

Dmitry’s heart went out to him though. He came and rubbed his back. Gently. 

He may not talk to us and he may do everything a little weird, but he has compassion. I’ve seen it before.