A Day of Remembrance

A Day of Remembrance

April is Autism Awareness month. Please consider using this image on your blog to remember those autistic children lost to elopement. We will be holding a candlelight vigil on April 1st. For any more questions, click on this link and ask organizer Jillsmo at Yeah Good Times.


We didn’t have to ditch Dmitry this time! Family fair fun had by all. (pics!)

I fight sometimes with the guilt of not including Dmitry in “family time”, because there are just some things he can’t do. Movies. Long periods of sitting or standing still. Very long car rides.

But not the fair! He was a very happy boy, rode on many rides, stayed seated and buckled, and basically went through the entire day in a haze of happiness… except when we had to sit still for a bird show. Then he and Mom went for some food, to keep him moving and therefore happy.

I am really starting to notice that his listening and obedience, though previously nonexistent, have begun to materialize. No he will not follow directions, or sit still and wait for you, but he occasionally can perceive what it is he’s “supposed to do” like get buckled/strapped in, or wait patiently for the ride to stop so he can get on, or not stray too far. He used to be a runner, but now he’s more of a roamer: if you don’t watch him he can get away from you, but he doesn’t just bolt, and seems to want to hang out nearby. This sounds like something small, but it’s crucial when bringing him to public places like fairs.


Okay, better sit down buddy…




Big smiles for this one!


Even let big brother hold him on the rides. He was in flappiness heaven, eyes full of wonder on every ride.


All in all it was a GREAT trip! Not only was Dmitry wide-eyed in wonder and fun, but we were very happy we brought him to experience his delight. At no time did we regret having him with us or lament the difficulty he was giving us. It was just great family fun time.