The bees that chased Dmitry into my arms.

Dmitry’s better behaved when he’s sick. Granted, it stems the flow of derpiness that I’ve come to love with such passion, but… He is much easier to take care of when he wants to lay on his tummy and have you softly rub his back or massage his hair.

He’s so tired and pathetic when he’s sick, it breaks my heart. But by golly, when I’m not sweeping up cereal, or pulling him out of the oven, or trying to find the last fork that hasn’t been hucked over the fence, days seem to pass much more easily.

So it was yesterday, as my poor little trooper got attacked by a swarm of bees. He was playing at the park and must have found some drainage where bees had set up a new hive as they do this time of year. After likely whapping it and stomping on it, the bees seemed… upset.

They stung him about 20 times :(

Fortunately, as my regular readers know, Dmitry is a burlap sack filled with sand and broken glass, substances impervious to bee stings. After the initial swelling and a 90 minute nap, Dmitry was right as rain again with all the swelling gone away. He’s a tough kid, running around and laughing outside like a champ.

But as he slept on me that 90 minutes, I realized that this was the longest I’d held him in years. Maybe since he was an infant. He’s always been so wound up and ready to go that cuddling on the couch just isn’t a “thing” for him, especially not with Daddy. It’s roughhousing, running around, spinning things together, but rarely cuddling.

But every now and then, when he’s sick, or when he’s stung by bees… Daddy gets to be a hero. There is a saying “it is an ill wind indeed that blows no fortune at all”, and this is one of those times. I hope he never gets stung by another bee, but for today anyway… I got to fight off the bees and save my boy.


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