Our Christmas Miracle!

Dmitry slept in til 7am! It was actually slightly light outside! It’s a merricle! 


Merry Christmas everyone! 


Dmitry Chugs Coffee, Update… #21??

Mother has returned. The milk mixed with melatonin-doped cough syrup is being chugged far slower than the coffee was, and Mommy’s legs are strong. He cannot escape her grasp no matter how loud he AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaow my ears are bleeding. 

“Anything that can’t go on forever, won’t.” -Herbert Stein

Update #1million

Dmitry hasn’t slowed down. Everything was a mirage. He’s only speeding up. 

We’re giving him cough syrup. If that doesn’t work, we’re calling the police. 3+ hours of nonstop freaky outy. 


Although to be honest, this isn’t much different from how it usually is with him.

Regardless, it’s melatonin cough syrup time. Something has to slow this kid down.

Remind me to empty the coffee pot regularly.

Update #20 or something, it’s time for noise.

It’s belly-slapping circle-run time. Kicking the wire-track toy across the room certainly helps add to the LOOOO-laden din. Yes, Dmitry, add some piano-whapping to that. Oh good, you can extract a great thump from that box.

Mom is running (RUNNING) to the store to get melatonin. This is getting out of hand.

Ah dammit off comes the diaper.

Dmitry Chugs Coffee, Update #Whatever

Stripping down to his underwear and lowering his bediapered ass on Mommy’s face, Dmitry seeeeeeems to be calming down a little and being more amenable to cuddling. He always knows when Mommy isn’t feeling well by carefully, lovingly, caressingly driving his heels into her chest and chin.

And chewing on her hair. She washes a LOT of spit out of her hair.


Okay, he has now somehow wedged himself UNDERNEATH me on the couch.