Dmitry’s Big Step!

Okay mostly they’re baby steps, but the other night, Mommy was reading to him… and he sat and listened! He even turned the pages! Usually he just wanders around the room and we just kinda hope he’s listening, but this time he was right there, miracle of miracles, SITTING STILL. He even brought her the book: Peter Rabbit!


Dmitry would likely find the concept of picking carrots fascinating, as he does many mundane things.

Dmitry would likely find the concept of picking carrots fascinating, as he does many mundane things.

Some days I see glimmers of very normal intelligence through the stims, the relentless frenetics, the insistence on experiencing the world in a sensory, rather than abstract faction. Every now and then while he sits plucking at the piano, that he’ll extract a perfect 5th or an octave and he’ll play it again and again, before the derps take over and he just mashes the keys.

I don’t need him to be normal, I just need him to come into my world and let me into his.


3 thoughts on “Dmitry’s Big Step!

  1. mewhoami says:

    They may be baby steps to some, but they are milestones in the lives of autistic children. I understand completely about your son being in a ‘world of his own’ seemingly not listening to a thing said.

    For years, I thought that every word I spoke was simply passing by my son. It wasn’t until years later that I learned that he had been listening to everything I said. Adding to that, he shocked me by his knowledge. I had no clue that he was learning anything. Dmitry is listening and learning a lot more than you think.

  2. I read an article yesterday… Despite us not really knowing what he gets and whether his receptive language is “there”, we always treat him as if he’s our 3 year old boy. Talk to him, explain him things as we did with his two older brothers, read to him…

  3. Genevieve says:

    I found that when my son was small reading to him was a wonderful way to connect with him. It is these small glimpses into what our children like that makes it all worth it. When he asks me to play trains he doesnt want me to really play but sit there so he can play. I dont do it right. But he let me in and I jump at the chance.

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