Coffee Ground Vinaigrette

Dmitry gets a frightful amount of nourishment from the garbage can.

Wait. Let me explain.

Dmitry is rarely deterred by such simplistic impediments as “child-proof cabinets” and “locked doors”. And as a commendable self-starter, he rarely sees fit to ask for the things he wants but independently searches for and finds them. And eats them.

Out of the garbage today, as it happens.

Did I mention he’s very quiet when he wants to be? I was sitting on the couch blogging not 15 feet from his excavation operation without hearing a peep til I got up for a beer. And walked through limp, day-old lettuce.

Dmitry adores salads. Prepackaged salads from Safeway are the bee’s knees. Whenever he sees that green plastic container, his eyes light up. But when he or mommy doesn’t finish that salad, the remainder goes into the garbage can under the sink, where apparently it ferments to perfection when seasoned with coffee grounds.


Is eating coffee grounds considered pica?


3 thoughts on “Coffee Ground Vinaigrette

  1. mewhoami says:

    Maybe he’ll get more protein that way? :) Those locks were no good for my son either. They were a piece of cake for him to figure out. Our kids are pretty genius.

    A side thought – you are so lucky to have a place to write about Dmitry. I wish I had known of such a platform when my son was younger. It would have been a mental life saver!

  2. Believe me I’m very thankful! Just this morning I commented on Richard’s guest post on emma’s hope book here:

    “I am thankful that I had the benefit of other thinking fathers forging the way ahead of me, taking the bullets of fear and despair for me, so that I could start my life with my son as the beginning of a grand adventure rather than the end of one”

    My wife and I exist in a persistent state of gratitude.

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