John Elder Robison RESIGNS From Autism Speaks Science and Treatment Boards

Details here: 

This is quite a development as the saga continues. Mr. Robison, who is autistic, says:

No one says the Cancer Society does not speak for them.  No one describes the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as an evil organization.  All that and more is said of Autism Speaks every day.

As I’ve just learned recently, there were precious few people with autism serving within Autism Speaks as it is. I don’t know for sure, but Mr. Robison may have actually been the last advisor with the disorder that Autism Speaks desires to “eliminate”.

I don’t know JE Robison, or what all he contributed, but this has to be a stunning blow in an already embattled organization. As Autism Speaks loses touch, they also are losing the board members who are capable of bringing the most insight into their efforts.


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3 thoughts on “John Elder Robison RESIGNS From Autism Speaks Science and Treatment Boards

  1. :) *smiles* his release is worth reading.

    • pianomikey says:

      TOTALLY. It couldn’t have played out better if it were scripted. I read a little of his stuff on his blog and I really like his mind. I think I’m going to buy his book. Have you read it?

      • Look in my Eyes? No, I haven’t – I can handle him in small doses – I couldn’t respect the man high enough for his work – he’s a machine, zipping around the world, talking, lecturing, teaching, raising money and awareness – tirelessly brilliant, but some of his writing doesn’t sit too well with me – but that may have been because of his ties with Autism Speaks – They are the Autistic Taliban as far as I’m concerned – they hate us lol I’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews of his book in that’s any consolation! :D

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